Feed supplement for horses

From the herb meadow to the manger with EMH – Eggersmann MicroHerbs for that special well-being.

EMH is an extract from highly effective herbs, fermented by micro-organisms, which has already achieved very effective results in equine nutrition. EMH Herb Muesli is a very useful addition for horses with a tendency to problems of the airways, as well as those who have a dust allergy, are nervous, or lacking in appetite. Horses find EMH Herb Muesli highly acceptable, being a tasty and aromatic addition to the daily hard feed ration. We know all about the invigorating and revitalising power of herbs, and the holistic influence on the whole body. EMH Herb Muesli uniquely combines natural, valuable, aromatic herbs with an easily digestible, oat-free muesli, and therefore brings the healing power of nature directly into your horse’s daily feed. By the addition of EMH, the nutritional components of the feed are made more easily available, and the complete utilisation of the feed is optimised. By helping to ensure a balanced intestinal flora, the foundation is laid for an intact and efficient immune system. This is how EMH Herb Muesli contributes effectively to the continuous well-being of your horse in all levels of work.

60,0 g/kg digestible protein 10,4 MJ/kg digestible energy

miežių dribsniai30,3 %
kukurūzų dribsniai24,8 %
avižų sėlenos9,3 %
cukrašvendrės melasa4,9 %
liucerna3,3 %
liucerna3,0 %
kviečių sėlenos3,0 %
kalcio karbonatas2,9 %
melasa2,8 %
kukurūzai2,5 %
miežiai1,9 %
kukurūzai1,8 %
saldžiavaisis pupmedis1,6 %
dikalcio fosfatas1,3 %
miežiai0,9 %
džiovintos morkos0,9 %
natrio chloridas0,9 %
vaisių gabaliukai (oboulių)0,8 %
0,6 %
petražolė0,5 %
rozmarinas0,3 %
magnio oksidas0,2 %
kalendra0,2 %
dilgėlė0,2 %
pipirmėtė0,2 %
bazilikas0,2 %
džiovinti burokėliai0,1 %
česnakas0,1 %
neapdoroti baltymai8,90 %
neapdoroti mineralai8,90 %
džiovinti vandens augalai8,00 %
neapdoroti riebalai2,30 %
kalcis1,70 %
fosforas0,50 %
natris0,40 %
magnis0,20 %
Vitaminas A (3a672a)25.000 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671)1.500 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700)300,00 mg
Vitaminas C (3a312)60,00 mg
Vitaminas B1 (3a821)2,90 mg
Vitaminas B23,90 mg
Vitaminas B62,00 mg
Vitaminas B1230,00 mcg
Nikotininė rūgštis30,00 mg
Kalcio pantotenatas20,00 mg
Biotinas (3a880)596,00 mcg
Folio rūgštis3,00 mg
Cholinchloridas (3a890)100,00 mg
Geležis (3b103)50,00 mg
Manganas (3b502)80,00 mg
Cinkas (3b603)120,00 mg
Varis (3b405)18,00 mg
Selenas (E 8)0,40 mg
Jodas (3b202)1,00 mg
Subject to change


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