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Mineral supplement for horses

For natural and appropriate feeding of horses and ponies

Herbal Mineral Grain Free is rich in essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, and balances the daily ration with just a small dosage. The low starch and sugar content supports and relieves the metabolism. The conscious avoidance of cereals in this product allows for the feeding of sensitive of horses which may have, for example, metabolic problems or allergies.

The advantages at a glance:
– starch and sugar reduced
– suitable for allergy sufferers
– a select herbal mixture
– with the essential amino acids lysine and methionine
– organically bound trace elements
– tasty and delicious
– practical size - can be fed by hand and in the manger

25,0 %
liucerna15,0 %
dikalcio fosfatas12,0 %
kalcio karbonatas11,0 %
8,0 %
vaisių gabaliukai (oboulių)7,0 %
cukrašvendrės melasa6,0 %
magnio oksidas5,4 %
natrio chloridas5,0 %
gingko lapai0,3 %
0,3 %
kiaulpienė0,3 %
0,3 %
artišokas0,3 %
kalcis7,00 %
fosforas3,00 %
natris2,00 %
magnis3,00 %
Lizinas0,65 %
metioninas0,50 %
krakmolas6,20 %
cukrus2,30 %
Vitaminas A (3a672a)250.000,00 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671)25.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700)2.500,00 mg
Vitaminas C (3a312)625,00 mg
Vitaminas B1 (3a821)125,00 mg
Vitaminas B2125,00 mg
Vitaminas B6125,00 mg
Vitaminas B12625,00 mcg
Nikotininė rūgštis625,00 mg
Kalcio pantotenatas310,00 mg
Biotinas (3a880)6.250,00 mcg
Folio rūgštis25,00 mg
Manganas (3b502)1.015,00 mg
(magnio chelatas) (3b504)84,00 mg
Cinkas (3b603)3.075,00 mg
cinko chelatas (3b607)125,00 mg
Varis (3b405)430,00 mg
3b406 (vario chelatas)50,00 mg
Selenas (E 8)10,00 mg
Jodas (3b202)18,00 mg
3.080,00 mg
610,00 mg
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